What I learned in Chile

This is a much overdue post. But better late than never, right? Ha… sigh.

I’m a little biased towards Chile because being in the desert really started to agree with me. I was a few days away from putting my hair in dreadlocks and settling in permanently. If you go to Chile, you must stop by San Pedro de Atacama.

The best day we spent there was biking through the desert to Laguna Cejar, the salt water (ice-cold) pool. And it costs us $6 for the bike rental. This city is where you will meet locals and go to the infamous desert parties, marvel at the amazing star-filled sky, and experience nature’s true wonders. Go, now!



  • Fleas cannot survive at high altitudes, that’s why none of the stray dogs have fleas.
  • Again, you cannot get change anywhere!
  • Small towns are actually more expensive for souvenirs than main cities. You’re better off going to the markets in Santiago for knick knacks.
  • Deserts go from -6° to 30° in 12 hours.


  • In the Andes, you operate at about 60-80% oxygen than regular. Coca tea helps with altitude sickness.
  • Anything salt-watery will be incredible cold.

  • Some sort of life exists in freezing, 70% salt water.
  • Geyser-heated natural pools are only a good idea in theory. They run from hot to cold and end up burning your butt. Plus they’re like taking a mud bath.

  • Most hostels (ours included) have a 12am curfew, because of the many early morning excursion departing mostly every day. People gotta get their zzz’s on.
  • You can get a great deal on Chilean flights… if you know how.
  • The Pacific Ocean is equally freezing.

  • If you’re in Santiago for Independence Week and want to go to a fonda, go with friendly locals, NOT other tourists. And while charming and lively during the day, don’t go to O’Higgins Park after dark.

Ciao for now!



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